Services and Pricing

These services normally take place at your home or at your child’s school or nursery.

Initial Assessment – £120

Initial Assessment with report – £165

The initial assessment session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. The assessment will enable me to gain a clear picture of your child’s speech, language and communication skills. An initial report can be written after the assessment.

The assessment session can contain many aspects. It may include a detailed case history and use of different assessment procedures dependent on the communication difficulty (this can be both formal and informal assessments, play based activities or observation) and administering, scoring and analysing any formal assessments. I will discuss the results and the recommendations with you and can write an initial report of the reason for referral, primary findings and recommendations.

Therapy/review appointments – £40 per 30 minutes/£75 per 1 hour

Therapy appointments will involve working directly with you yourself or your child. When I work with younger children I will also demonstrate activities to you in order for progress to continue between appointments. When I work with young people or adults, I may recommend practise activities, once again to facilitate change between appointments.
When working in a school or nursery, these activities can be demonstrated to educational staff.

Review appointments allow me to monitor progress and are mainly used after there has been a gap between appointments.


Initial Report – I write this type of report following on from an assessment session. It contains my primary findings and recommendations. It is similar to a short report.

Short Report – £50. This includes reason for referral, assessment results, summary of the interventions so far (if appropriate) and recommendations.

Detailed Report – £150. This includes reason for referral, background history, type of assessments administered, assessment results, detailed account of communication difficulties and recommendations.

        EHC Report – £225 for current clients and £375 for new clients


I can provide training to school and nursery staff to increase their understanding on your child’s specific communication difficulty. The price is dependent on the time to prepare and deliver the training.

Other Services

Other services are priced at the standard rate (£40 per 30 minutes, £75 per 1 hour)

Attendance at Meetings I will be able to contribute to case conferences and multi-agency meetings related to your child.

Programmes – These go hand in hand with review appointments. These focus on the child’s targets and how to achieve these activities and can be implemented by you yourself or a member of educational staff. This can be provided alongside a demonstration of the activities and are often a cost effective approach.

School Service – Pricing is dependent on the type of school service required. This can include, but not limited to, individual pupil assessment, individual pupil intervention, supporting or running groups, training to staff and integrating speech and language strategies within the classroom. Please contact me for further details.

Travel Charge  

Free within 10 miles of Stafford. Any distance beyond this will be charged at 50 pence per mile. Any travelling that exceeds 20 miles may occur additional charges. Please contact me to discuss this further.